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Chicago: Ryerson Global Headquarters

227 West Monroe Street
27th Floor
Chicago, IL 60606
Phone: 312-292-5000
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Our History

Ryerson is built on over 170 years of ingenuity, innovation and hard work.

See major milestones and historic photos showcasing Ryerson’s legacy of nearly 200 years providing metals services and products in the modern, industrialized world.


  • ryerson-history-_1842

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    1842 — Joseph T. Ryerson opens his iron store along the banks of the Chicago River.

  • ryerson-history-_1871

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    1871 — The Great Chicago Fire leaves Mr. Ryerson’s warehouse in ruins, but he immediately reopens in temporary quarters and rebuilds his iron store.

  • ryerson-history-_1903

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    1903 — The Ford Motor Company is founded in Detroit. Joseph T. Ryerson II, sent to check its credit, reports “in my opinion, it would be perfectly safe to extend regular credit.”

  • ryerson-history-_1908

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    1908 — Ryerson moves to facilities at 16th and Rockwell in Chicago, a plant that would remain in use until 2011.

  • ryerson-history-_1909

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    1909 — Ryerson opens a warehouse in New York, marking the first time the business moves outside of Chicago.

  • ryerson-history-_1911

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    1911 — As the use of alloy steel grows with new railroad, automotive and machinery requirements, Ryerson makes its first offering of alloy stocks.

  • ryerson-history-_1926

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    1926 — Ryerson adds stocks of stainless steel only two years after the new metal’s first commercial production. Stainless goes on to become one of Ryerson’s main product offerings.

  • ryerson-history-_1935

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    1935 — Ryerson merges with Inland Steel Company. For the next six decades, Ryerson will focus on distribution, and Inland will serve as the manufacturing arm of the company.

  • ryerson-history-_1937

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    1937 — With buyers becoming more quality conscious, Ryerson’s Certified Steel Plan sets new standards for the service center industry.

  • ryerson-history-_1946

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    1946 — The company opens its first West Coast plant in Los Angeles, bringing the number of service centers to twelve.

  • ryerson-history-_1955

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    1955 — Ryerson adds its first full stocks of aluminum.

  • ryerson-history-_1957

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    1957 — Ryerson publishes an Equal Opportunity Policy before it is legally required or common corporate practice.

  • ryerson-history-_1967

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    1967 — Ryerson’s 125th anniversary. The company is now the nation’s leading supplier of steel from stock and largest aluminum distributor. This same year, the company acquires Federal Steel Corporation.

  • ryerson-history-_1984

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    1984 — The company achieves its first billion-dollar sales year. Ryerson also adds nickel alloys to its product line.

  • ryerson-history-_1986

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    1986 — With the acquisition of Atlanta-based J.M. Tull Metals, Ryerson greatly expands its presence and capabilities in the Southern United States.

  • ryerson-history-_1996

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    1996 — The company changes its name to Ryerson Tull and makes an IPO of 13 percent of its shares on the NYSE.

  • ryerson-history-_2005

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    2005 — Ryerson Tull acquires Integris Metals, the fourth largest metals service center in North America, and changes its name to Ryerson.

  • ryerson-history-_2006

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    2006 — Global growth continues with the acquisition of Van Shung Chong Holdings Ryerson China Limited is formed, with facilities in Dongguan, Guangzhou and Tianjin.

  • ryerson-history-_2007

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    2007 — Ryerson is acquired by Platinum Equity, ushering in a new era of entrepreneurship and growth.

  • ryerson-history-_2010

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    2010 — Ryerson enters Mexico as Ryerson Metals de Mexico and becomes 100% shareholder of Ryerson China Limited.